A fully integrated therapeutic experience, where therapists are shoulder-to-shoulder with each student.



Monuments offers your student a fully integrated therapeutic experience, where everything is experiential therapy, and where therapists work right in the mix with the staff and students. Get beyond simple talk therapy with a Treatment Team-driven approach that looks at the whole student and every aspect of their Monuments experience.

The whole purpose of residential treatment is to create an immersive therapeutic experience, where therapeutic opportunities are mined everywhere throughout the daily lives of the students. And yet, oftentimes the clinical department is so separate in some residential programs, it’s almost as if the student leaves the program to go to therapy.

At Monuments, your student will never just “go to therapy.” The entire Monuments experience is designed to drive and enhance what happens in therapy. As students’ challenges and needs play out in academics, horsemanship, and the community, those experiences drive the therapeutic conversation. And students put therapeutic insights and skills into practice in academics, horsemanship, and the community. Most importantly, at Monuments, no one department “drives the bus.” The departments meet together every week to discuss each student’s challenges and progress and to strategize the wisest path forward.

Therapists at Monuments also have a mandate to utilize our unique location and the bounteous opportunities for the activity-based therapies it provides. Whether discussing a student’s progress while hiking or fishing, holding a session on the ski lift during snowboarding season, Monuments therapists foster rapport and create opportunities for vulnerable expression through a range of adventures and activities.

So even though Monuments provides the same weekly one-on-one and family sessions, plus two additional processing and specialized groups as other programs…

…and even though therapy at Monuments Academy is grounded in cutting-edge, evidence-based practices from cognitive-behavioral therapy, to trauma- and emotionally focused therapy, to EMDR, TF-CBT, and brain spotting…

…what’s most important is that therapy at Monuments feeds, draws from, and fully utilizes the entire Monuments Experience instead of just existing beside it.

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