Academic Trauma™ & Academic Therapy™

Academic Trauma™

Academic Trauma™

Traditional Academics

The reality is that psychological, behavioral, familial, and educational issues are highly interrelated.

Definition and Summary

Many students have experienced situations throughout their educational career that have caused major dysregulation and long-term learning challenges. Often a past sentinel event or experience has left them feeling stuck, ineffective, or lost in their scholastic pursuits. At Monuments Academy™, we see a student’s educational journey as an equally important, but often overlooked, third pillar of healing. Our industry-leading educational program applies a revolutionary informed approach using metacognition to help students identify their own unique learning style, build ownership and ultimately  confidence with a series of “little successes” in a solutions-based learning environment.

Throughout their formative years, much of your student’s social and intellectual development has occurred in a classroom setting. With the benefit of hindsight, we’ve discovered worsening educational performance is often a leading indicator of a future psychological sentinel event. For many students, the stress from worsening education performance precipitates family conflict resulting in the need for residential treatment.

Despite the connection between mental health and classroom confidence the pillars of residential treatment are often clinical and experiential work. We believe in a holistic approach to healing with a curriculum that focuses on clinical, educational, and experiential growth. Click here to learn more about our Academic Therapy™ curriculum.

Academic Therapy™

Academic Therapy™

The comprehensive educational program at Monuments Academy™, takes a holistic approach to educational healing, recognizing the deep distress many students feel around their past learning experience, thereby bringing real-life solutions to the process of change. We believe in tailoring your student’s educational program to your student’s individual needs and abhor a “one-size-fits-all” approach to education. Our non-traditional, experiential, solutions-based approach to education, including both in-person and online learning, is designed to reignite your student’s intellectual curiosity to build a lifetime love of learning.

At Monuments Academy™, school is an experiential learning opportunity: a place to assess student’s abilities and progress and a place for students to apply clinical insights and skills. Our approach individualizes each student’s learning program, encouraging students to develop ownership through our 5-step program:

  1. Students learn the principles of metacognition and how it integrates with their clinical and educational development.
  2. Students expand upon their metacognition curriculum to learn how they learn, and how they can best succeed in school.
  3. Students develop confidence with a series of “little successes” and learn to advocate for their educational needs based on their unique learning style.
  4. Students take full ownership of their educational journey.
  5. Students graduate with their own educational vision and defined “next steps” whether its completing high school, pursuing vocational education, or continuing on to college.