About Us

Monuments Academy

Who We Are

Monuments Academy is a collection of seasoned professionals dedicated to helping students and their families find lasting solutions. This dedication has driven the development of a philosophy and core programming that is changing the way residential treatment is delivered. Following evidence-based practices and clinical work, combined with a break-through program focusing on helping students with Academic Trauma™, Monuments Academy sets a course for students’ long-term success.

Our Mission

Monuments is a therapeutic school and treatment center that serves adolescent male students and their families. Utilizing the benefits of true horsemanship, progressive education and a community-based living environment, Monuments creates a unique relational experience immersed in relevant learning.

Our Vision

To help every student magnify their true potential, reach monumental change and propel them into life-long relevancy in every aspect of their lives. Creating monuments of relevancy within students, their families and their communities.

Our Team
Our Team

Meet our Leadership Team and Staff

What makes Monuments a truly unique and special experience
is our highly trained and dedicated team.

Our Promise

We promise to treat each student with the same awareness, respect, and honor that you would expect from those in our position. While with us, students will know they are cared for.

Life is about relationships. They shape us, secure us and propel us to be better. For this reason, we take our stewardship very seriously and have built a program that ensures every staff member who interacts with your student does so with the knowledge of the impact they hold. We promise to do everything in our power to keep students safe, heal their hearts and restore their dreams.