A Program Centered on Ownership and Choice Instead of Directives and Box-checking.


Treatment Philosophy

Monuments was designed to be different. A program centered on ownership and choice. A skills-based experiential approach built around craftsmanship and mastery. A commitment to true horsemanship. And quite simply the best academics program in the country. 

From a new hobby to the first time they do a chore without being asked, seeing ownership in your child is one of the most rewarding experiences of parenthood. Owning their interests, identity, and choices is how a child grows into their own person, and seeing that person take shape is what parenthood is all about.

Effective therapy depends on ownership, and ownership drives everything we do at Monuments. At Monuments, you’ll see your student engaged in a choice-based experience—learning, growing, developing and succeeding, not because they have to in order to get to the next level or phase, but because they want to. A program centered on ownership and choice instead of directives and box-checking.

These moments of ownership—this shift from an external to an internal locus of control—are where true growth and development begin, not where they end. Monuments creates those moments through four key life domains: Academics, Therapy, Community Life, and Horsemanship. We then partner with your student to build on those moments, designing a roadmap to success in which your student owns their own therapeutic outcomes.

How We Work
The Monuements Way

Treatment Model


Academic Therapy

Monuments has developed an industry-leading approach that recognizes the reality of academic trauma, and marries academics and therapy together in response.


Your student will discover and reignite their academic curiosity in an environment that nurtures their own unique learning style and a “Show us how you would solve this problem” solutions-based approach.


Whether your student is snowshoeing while reading Shackleton’s Endurance or solving a murder mystery escape room while studying Criminology, they’ll enjoy a true nontraditional, project-based approach to their studies.

Little Successes

Watch your student’s academic identity turn around as they build all-new confidence and all-new skills across a strategic series of tiny academic victories.


A Complete Therapeutic Array

Monuments provides one-on-one sessions for your student every week, plus weekly family sessions, process groups, and specialized groups.

Cutting-Edge Sophistication

Monuments Academy is grounded in cutting-edge, evidence-based practices from cognitive-behavioral therapy, to trauma- and emotionally focused therapy, to EMDR, TF-CBT, and brain spotting.

Treatment Team Driven

No one department at Monuments “drives the bus.” They bring their unique perspectives each week to a robust discussion of each student’s challenges and progress, and collaborate on the wisest path forward.

Fully Integrated

Beyond talk therapy! Therapeutic gold exists everywhere in the Monuments experience, to be mined and utilized by therapists, teachers, and line staff alike, where the experiences and observations of each inform the approaches of the others.



Monuments staff are trained to work shoulder-to-shoulder, not face-to-face with students. A true relationship-based approach where change and motivation grow naturally from side-by-side pursuits.

Exceptional Training

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Monuments’ commitment to skills-based mastery doesn’t end with Equine and Progressive, as a residential staff share their knowledge and passion for skills and hobbies from snowboarding and fly fishing to welding and masonry.

The Little World

The Community at Monuments forms a safe-and-challenging environment in which to try, fail, and try again, as students gain therapeutic insights and need a place in which to practice.


True Horsemanship

An equine program that trusts in the natural curiosity and adventurousness of teenagers, and the therapeutic insights that follow when that curiosity is fed.

Lifelong Friendships

Many students count their relationships with our horses and first-class equine instructors as the most impactful relationships of their Monuments experience.

Principle Based

As your student learns and applies the principles of effective horsemanship, they will intuitively begin to see those principles at play in their own life and choices.

Up to 10 Hours a Week

Monuments is committed to a robust equine experience far beyond measly 60-minute “equine therapy” sessions, with trail rides, real training, and a skills-based emphasis on mastery.


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