Student Profile

Student Profile

Students at Monuments

Monuments was created to work with young men who have been burdened by months or years of emotional pain or behavioral issues. For some students, crippling anxiety or depression has been at the forefront, while for others, a past trauma or loss may have kept them from progressing. Our team specializes in providing the highest quality of treatment for issues such as these, as well as for co-occurring disorders.

Typical Student

Youth Male | Ages 13-17

Typical Students we Help

At Monuments Academy our students are resilient and capable, but need further support and structure than can be provided in the home setting. Our team specializes in working with biological male students who are experiencing mood, behavioral and academic struggles. At Monuments Academy our students often present with a variety of struggles including:

While Monuments Academy works well with a variety of emotional and behavioral issues, we can not work with the following:

To discuss the details of your situation, please call our admissions department at (800) 559-1980, or fill out our Contact Us form.